Below are links to the Holiday Lettings site where you can pay online for the dates you wish to book OR email me at dorothy@8satran.co.uk with the dates you would like and I will reply as soon as I can.  

MacKenzie Cottage

Mackenzie Cottage is a semi-detached cottage situated in Satran with views of Loch Harport and overlooking Glen Drynoch. Satran is in the area of Skye known as Minginish and a ten minute drive from the Cuillin Hills

Heather Bell

Heatherbell house is on our elevated croft above the village of Carbost home of Talisker Single Malt, it has stunning views the tidal Loch Harport to the Cuillin Hills beyond.

Tigh Fraoich

Tigh Fraoich is situated above Talisker Distiilery and has wonderful views up the tidal Loch Harport to the Cuillin Hills beyond. To reflect the high build quality to house is furnished to a high standard.

Munro Cottage

The venue is 5-minute drive from Loch Harport and 2.2 km from Dun Merkadale. Broadford is just a short journey away. A 10-minute walk takes guests to the café Caora Dhubh Coffee Company. Munro apartment is within reach of Talisker.